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If you want to reach as many readers as possible, you can't just sell your book on the Internet or to those around you. It must be available in bookstores including online. You are African, author of books of African expression and thought intended for a young audience, of books for learning African languages of expression, of books of African thought and foreign expression, the ESIBLA bookstore would be ready to collaborate with you and put the spotlight on your work (s).

After having published, selling his book in bookstores is the final step for an author who wishes to promote his book.

If you want to reach as many readers as possible, Esibla offers you a sales deposit contract that you can consult and download here. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out about the events we are setting up to promote your work and encourage readers to get it.

Do not hesitate to download our contract, contact us and find out about the event that we will set up under certain conditions to promote your work and sell your work.

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