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The expression Kete Pa translates into the Akan language the idea of having an endlessly fulfilling, happy, harmonious couple life; therefore successful fundamentally. Leading such an existence nevertheless requires prior preparation for life as a couple, for each of the two spouses involved. This kind of life, says Makuela in Kikongo, implies not only the union of two people, but above all the alliance of two Families. And this preparation itself obeys the respect of a set of rules to be learned and applied, for the establishment of harmonious living together and the fulfillment of women and men.
It is because our ancestors and parents applied the Law of Kete Pa, this set of rules to be followed in order to succeed as a couple and to be individually fulfilled in Makuela, that they grew old then died in love and happy, and especially that 'there was hardly any divorce in our millennial societies, and even less submission of one by the other.
In this book, we expose some of these rules to follow in order to allow anyone to strengthen their married life and live happily in this partnership. Good initiation!

KETE PA: Succeeding as a couple

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