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Excision, is it an “African” cultural reality? Absolutely not! However, the famous “international community” as well as its various institutions have succeeded in inscribing in the collective imagination, especially in that of “Africans” themselves, the false idea according to which female genital mutilation is part of the “African” Tradition. , while it is absolutely nothing!

Our work shows in a remarkable way the Eurasian origin (the cradle) of excision in all its possible forms and its introduction in "Africa" by Eurasians: Jews, Arabs, Europeans, Asians.

It is to this extent that the first chapter of the said manual focuses on exposing the Semitic and Indo-European origins and sources of female genital mutilation which is a Eurasian cultural and ritual (practice) reality. Also, care is taken to show how the Eurasians, during the various Deportations of “Africans” and Occupations of “Africa”, imposed excision in all its forms on “Africans”, thereby contaminating some of them. their cultures.

The second chapter explains why Eurasians excise and mutilate their wives: they were neither more nor less considered as animals, beings inferior to man (male sex) in popular belief.

In the third and last chapter, the author demonstrates the inexistence of female genital mutilation in the “African” Tradition, from its origins to the present day, adding to his argument various scientific, historical and cultural proofs.


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