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Since the former colonies of Belgium gained independence, how far has come! And what a page of eventful history: secession of Katanga, political assassinations (Lumumba, Ndadaye, Habyarimana ...), Shaba wars, Great Belgo-Congolese crisis, genocide in Rwanda, fall of Mobutu, Burundi under embargo ... Not a moment of respite. All the more so as the conflicts which ravage Central Africa have now acquired a regional dimension.

And Belgium in all of this? What was the policy of the former metropolis during all these years? This is what this book sets out to examine, built around four axes: the international context in which these Belgian-African relations take place - Brussels in the face of political developments in Congo / Zaire - its attitude towards Rwanda and Burundi - the way forward. Priority is given to political and diplomatic aspects. Combining testimonials from direct actors and in-depth analyzes, the book is intended to be a tool for both understanding and reflection.

A critical look at forty years of passion, tension, sometimes disinterest ... and which proves that Belgian expertise in Central Africa is alive and well.


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