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The slave trade, the conquest of America, the occupation of Africa have profoundly modified the relationship between Europeans and others. The step between difference and superiority was quickly taken. Racial hierarchy illustrates the moral collapse of Europe. Nazism, by transposing from non-Whites to non-Aryans this devaluation of so-called "inferior" beings, committed the unforgivable crime of bringing to the heart of the European world a ferocity hitherto reserved for other continents. THE AUTHOR A lawyer of both African and Indian descent, Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe retraces the history of this "white ferocity", of this argued denial of humanity. The main idea of the book is however highly controversial: it consists in systematically assimilating the fate reserved for the Indians of South America and the blacks victims of the slavers with the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis, with the Shoah. We may say that these conclusions are radical, that they would benefit from being more nuanced; the demonstration is none the less brilliant and nourished by numerous and interesting examples: everyone will judge, but we cannot fail to see in this work a powerful stimulus for reflection.


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