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The African community is the set of women and men across the world who maintain at least one in four types of relationship with Africa: historical relationship, ethnic relationship, emotional relationship, ideological relationship. Black Africa constitutes the cornerstone of this community, its hard core, because it maintains all of the aforementioned relations with Africa. The African community as a whole has undergone and continues to undergo domination on all social, cultural, economic and political levels, from the nations which currently dominate the world, or from the peoples who have succeeded throughout history in seizing territories on African soil. # The genocide that part of the Sudanese population is undergoing today in DARFUR, organized by its Arab part, testifies to the very impotence of the entire African community. It is felt as a racial humiliation, which it is urgent and necessary to repair. This repair passes through the creation of a future African Federal State or even of a World African Community which must set itself the objective of liberating Sudan (former Nubia, and cradle of African civilization), to remake it what it was. originally, the African Holy Land, symbol of African cultural identity. # In fact, the social hierarchy of which the Negro is systematically the victim, is only the translation of i = a discrete racial hierarchy, but always treacherous and very effective. This extreme situation, in itself implies an extreme response: Unity among all blacks in the world by necessity: That is to say, the establishment of massive and active solidarity.


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