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The fortress had not fallen! The imperial army reconstituted by Nehesha had held out. The Ntu Empire had survived the onslaught of several coalition armies and was more than ever in a position to be able to lead the counter-offensive against its enemies. Although Emperor Sawati III was no more, the imperial power had neither wavered nor lost face, he had grown stronger than before. Fear as well as fear had now changed sides and everyone now knew that the reconquest was going to be total. The coalition armies, dispersed and considerably weakened, now had to face a relentless military power that would give them no respite until final victory. The Mother Of All Battles was to take place where it all began: in the Imperial City of Azandé. The denouement is at the end of the gun, at the point of the sword, but it will also take place in the spirit. Nehesha and her brother Menga will face each other for the last time in their lives. and this last battle announces a sign of hope: the rebirth of the empire and the rediscovered pride of its people as well as of all Katiopa.


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