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The empire is going through a period of uncertainty because of four young princes who wish to make a smooth revolution. But "aided" by outside forces, they will fail to bring about their peaceful change and topple the entire empire into war. Emperor Sawati III, caught in the act, chooses not to go directly to war against them and goes into exile in the north to let the Ancients find a paficic solution. It is then that Nehesha, the warrior princess, finds herself in spite of herself, in charge of a whole people and their army. She will have to lead them to the fortress of Katombé-Mongè, to join the emperor who is preparing for an epic confrontation. She will lead a physical but also spiritual combat against the enemies outside and inside the empire. The one who was only a young girl will have to become a woman of character and fight for the salvation of her family, her people, her emperor and her nation against an enemy who has come to destroy them in Katombé-Mongè


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