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'Hieroglyphics for all' is a progressive method aimed at a large audience wishing to learn about the writing and language of the ancient Egyptians. This initiation, based on an approach of traditional grammar, is illustrated by specific examples which highlight the rules relating to a good translation. Each lesson includes exercises with answers and detailed explanations. To cover a large part of the subjects relating to ancient Egypt, the author has deliberately mixed genres so that this book is as complete as possible and its reading always more attractive. Thus the reader will find there: a diversity of subjects including the history of Egypt, hieroglyphics and their decryption, numerous philosophical references, a presentation of Egyptian mythology and religious thought, the legacies of ancient Egypt ; a great originality in the meeting of the symbolic universe of the ancient Egyptians, the approach of the squaring of the circle and its relation with the measure of the Egyptian royal cubit and the golden number; real educational tools through simplified diagrams facilitating the understanding of the different grammatical structures, a “Summaries” paragraph presenting the essentials to remember, Egyptian-French and French-Egyptian lexicons for the vocabulary, the use of websites for the translation assistance, numerous tables, and a guide to installing and using the free software JSesh for editing hieroglyphic texts, etc.


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